Sunday, September 25, 2011

Poway Farmers' Market

In an effort to support local farmer's, I've been making it a point to use the farmers' market as a resource in finding ingredients for the dishes I make.  Produce harvested taking a natural, organic approach adds a level of love to recipes you can't offer from heavily processed and treated ingredients.

Everything from fresh herbs, greens, fruits and vegetables, the Poway Farmer's Market offers a good selection from farmer's up and down the coast.
Something to think about in support local produce stands and farms, is that the effort taken from the farmers' themselves to offer the most natural items sets them apart from larger commercial farms.  They are often more knowledgeable about what fruits and vegetables are at their peak, the best ways to use them fresh and cooked and offer the same level of quality throughout their whole line.  I have been able to find some of the tastiest ingredients this way and in turn have made some incredible recipes using this resource.

Taking the time to visit local farmer's markets and produce stands is a great way to explore what your city has to offer.

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